Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 105 - I'm Pooped

     Last night my dad and I stayed up late watching television. It was about three in the morning when we finally laid down to go to sleep. Since Heidi is out of town, we had to wake up with the kids at seven. The place was a train-wreck so we had to pick up a little bit before the sitter came.
      I watered the front yard and when I got to the back to water, I saw bits and pieces of Heidi's yoga mat all over. The dogs got there revenge for me leaving them out all morning.

     This was a set back for our time frame that we were trying to stick with since we had a cricket match at 10:00... Basically 11:00 on Indian Standard Time. We followed the Indian Standard Time since the other team failed to show until around 10:45. We played a nice match, Dad and I both got a pretty good catch. This made my day, plus I got a great tan... It was an overall nice day even though we did not come out on top.

Sorry,  No Pictures

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