Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 110 - On your Mark, get set, go!

Tonight after dinner and Jai was down Laila and I went for walk.  I had only intended to go a few houses down but it quickly turned into a quarter of a mile.  She wanted to run the whole way...we ran a few blocks and then after a little while we started to say "On your mark, get set.....and GO!  We would get in the "on your mark" position, our feet on a crack, crouched down, arms in the sprinting position and I would just wait for her to say "GO".  She would so tickled and run and run!  It was so funny.  Oh, did I mention she was in her pajamas with the feet attached to them.  No shoes, just her pj's!  I am sure we made quite a sight!

Laila had an Easter egg hunt at school today so once we got home she was having a
good time carrying around her basket!  Kinda like she is walking the catwalk!

 And what one year old boy doesn't need a 12 foot long PVC pipe to play with!  Jai Jai loved having a big stick to swing around.

XOXO Heidi

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