Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119 - Sorry

Sorry for missing yesterday.  By time the day was done  and it was time for me to blog I was too pooped to do it.  Although it was a good day.  Laila has grown even more independent and goes potty completely on her own.  And by "on her own" I  mean, she slams the door and does not allow anyone in.  Sometimes she takes a really long time, and I am just dying to know what is going on in there.  But she always comes out and it seems all is in its right place!

As for today, Lucy Lu came over to play.  And she also had a huge big girl moment.  Lucy and a few of her siblings are terrified of dogs.  So when Lucy comes over I always keep Bo and Saahib in their pens.  But today I let Bo out to eat the leftover lunch scraps off the floor and Lucy was pretty calm about him being out.  So then I took it a step farther...I had Laila feed him a treat and then Lucy also wanted to do it.  I was SOOO proud of Lucy! 

Lucy feeding Bo Bo!

XOXO Heidi

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