Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 97- Goin' Out!

     Today is Elizabeth's birthday and all of the adults are going out to celebrate the occasion. We picked up a nice birthday cake from the local bakery. If it tastes as good as it looks, then everybody will enjoy!

They are ready to hit the town

     Since we have had to wait for the tiles in our bathtub to set, the kids have to take another bath in the sink... So I took some pictures of Jai instead Laila because he was not included in yesterday's blog. Jai is getting used to the sink and he did much better today then yesterday, plus it helps that there was more than one set of hands to control that wild young buck.

Not a good start.

But all he had to do is adjust a little bit. That's all!

I think that he is getting tired!

Oops, Never mind

       I think that It is funny how Laila tries to be sneaky about stealing toys that Jai is playing with... She just waits till he steps away from the to, then she just slips right in and has a ball!

Jai was just playing

And now Laila wants it... Big Surprise!

And now she is trying to make clean get-away!


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Nice job Arjun!