Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 93 - Ol' Four-eyes

Poor Arjun has been having a hard time seeing the blackboard at school and we finally got him in to see the optometrist.  Turns out he needs glasses and they arrived today!  He looks so handsome with his new specs!

This morning I dropped Jai and Laila off to Moms Day Out (MDO) today.  I took Jai out of MDO for the winter season due to all the colds going around.  I wanted the little guy to stay as healthy as possible.  The MDO we go to are fantastic and treat the babies so well!  I never worry about them after I drop them off.  Laila graduated from her 1yr old classroom and moved up to the 2yr old class today.  Most of her buddies had already moved up so I think she was happy to be reunited with them.

Since the kiddos were at school I was loving some "alone time" at the grocery store and hanging out at home.  I loved being able to clean without interruptions and just eat lunch on the couch and watch my favorite home design show!  It was sooooooo wonderful!

This evening after dinner the kids did their thing and I snapped a few quick pics. Jai LOVES Laila car and was loving putting the key in the ignition and driving with his foot. The kid is a hoot!

XOXO Heidi

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