Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 243 - Park

This morning we took our daily walk and ended up at the park, much to the
kids happiness!  They were having a great time showing Grandma all the great things they could climb and rock!
 The great park we have in our neighborhood!

 This is climbing worm is now more popular than the swings for Laila and Jai!

Hello Beautiful!!!

The girl is getting more daring!
 Grrr, this is my truck riding face!



 This face is completely impossible not to kiss! 

 Hello Sunshine!

 Up, up, he goes!

Saahib also loved the park and all the wonderful other dog scents to smell and replace with his own!!  He was so busy he wore himself out!

 Not sure what he found so captivating?
Keeping Grandma company

I think I forgot to mention, or maybe it has been because I am in mourning but we trimmed Jai's head again.  It was only supposed to be a "trim" and ended up a "buzz".  I wasn't so happy but what can you do!

Happy Friday everyone!!



Heather C said...

Aww, so sweet. You know how much I love L girl. I am so happy you are settling in well. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet babies! I miss you all! Wilder is very excited to see his cousins in a few weeks--he told me, see how much has changed :) E