Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 245 - Hanging out with Friends

Since we moved to Denver we have visited our friends Chad and Lora a couple of times.  Chad went to college with my brother, Jason, and I have known him for years.  He always treated me like a sister and I have always enjoyed he and his family.  Luckily now that we live in Denver we have got to know them better, Chad and his wife are so sweet and they have two beautiful girls named Ryan and Carter.  Laila loved playing with all of their dolls!Chad's sister Mandy and her family were also over and again wonderful people!  We are so blessed to count them as friends and are so thankful that they have opened their home to us! 

I didn't take any pics this evening but Arjun got a few with his phone.  They aren't great but at least its something.  Laila and Jai were occupying themselves on the back deck for awhile. 


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