Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Suri 249 - Whoa

This evening Laila and Arjun were playing and hanging out and this is a small video he got of her it is hysterical.  It goes to show its the small things in life, like getting a highlight to open!

While Arjun and she were horsing around he was getting her to speak some Spanish and it he kept telling her to say "Mommy, I'm speaking Mexican".  Not the most politically correct but pretty cute!




neveen said...

Hey Heidi

Laila have grown up so much!

Love the blog!
I think i will ask Claudia to create one.

The Suri Story said...

Hi Neveen,
She sure has, I can't believe it sometimes!
Hope you are doing well, I would love it if Claudia did a blog too! It is such a nice way to keep up with family especially when we are all so far away from eachother! Take care!