Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 255 - Furry Suri's

Just wanted to give a shout out our most loyal guard dog and all the joy he brings us!  Bo came to us a few years ago, he was a little hoodlum... funny not much has changed, he still loves to pull a Houdini and escape but his heart isn't in it anymore.  His old age and the comforts of the Suri household have softened his edges and he stays pretty close to home now.  My little Bo Bo loves to watch the bunnies that plague our new neighborhood and still has a strong hatred for the neighborhood cat.  But our Bo is a regal boy and most loyal.  He will look you in the eye all day long and you will definitely be the first to blink! 

And while Bo is doing all the guard dogging Saahib is doing alot of this...

Yeah buddy I'm talking about you!

He does make a wonderful chair though!

Thank you to our two furry family members that we love so much.  They clean up numerous kiddy messes and give us their unlimited love and devotion.  We could not ask for more!


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Anonymous said...

great guard dogs and wonderful friends
love DAD