Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 261 - Daddy's Home

Today was the day!  Manik got home around 5:30pm tonight after a very long drive from OKC.  It was sooooo nice to have him home.  The kids couldn't stop hanging on him and Arjun was super talkative, which is a rarity these days!  Jai could not let go of Manik all evening, Manik ended up eating dinner with Jai on his lap!  I guess you can say he was very much missed, and most of all by me!

There were lots of kisses and lots of hugs!  Were so glad Daddy's back, especially Mama!!


And as promised here is a picture of one ugly mug! 

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back brother. The pictures are great. Sorry I missed your call last night. We should catch up soon. I head back to Mumbai tomorrow.