Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 254 - What's Cookin, and Bracelets

This morning I dropped Arjun off at the orthodontist to get braces on!  He is passing through one of many right of passages for teenage-hood.  He says his mouth hurts like crazy but as we all know that will get better with time.  When I got home I told Laila where I had been and she kept asking if she could see the bracelets on Arjun's teeth.  I have to hand it to her, bracelets on your teeth sound like a lot more fun that braces! I know you will be heartbroken but I don't have a good picture of his new metal mouth, I will try and get one tomorrow!

As for cute pics, Laila wins for today!


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Anonymous said...

Laila does win the day great Pic.
lov DAD