Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 270 - Old Man Nature

This evening while I was making dinner I looked out in the backyard and saw this....Jai just rocking in his rocking chair all by himself in the backyard. Just calm and peaceful as can be. He just melts my heart!

Then of course Laila had to jump in on the action and be photographed as well!

Jai was just content as can be outside so when it came time to eat he just ignored us and kept on doing what he was doing...which was digging in the dirt, very typical!  While we were eating I looked out and this was what he was up to!  Just digging the rocks, probably watching a bug!  That boy loves his bugs!


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Anonymous said...

good morning Heidi Jai is his own man it would seem. I wonder if he will always be so.
Love DAD