Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 183 - Home again

We got back into Oklahoma City this afternoon, and boy was Jai happy to be home. We all had a wonderful time Salina, Laila loved all the kids and the attention and I loved getting away from all the stress. Lori's house is surrounded by acres and acres of fields and hills and wonderful views. I could just lose myself out there! Now Jai Jai was a whole other matter! He was not happy unless he was in my arms or outside playing with rocks and dirt. I think it was just too much for him. I hope the move isn't too hard on him.

Yesterday, Lori and Bob hosted a huge 4th of July party, it was a huge success and we had so much fun.  Bob cleared some land and made a baseball field.  So after some time in the pool everyone headed out to the field for a friendly softball game, which in our family means super competitive!  Manik has never played baseball in his life but he was eager to get out there and try it. Laila was napping so I didn't go out there.  Once the game was over the first batch of kids walked in the door and all I heard was "Manik was amazing, did you know he doesn't wear a mit??  He just caught the ball with his hands, it was awesome!!", "Heidi, Manik hit a home-run!, It was awesome, he has never played before, did you know that???!!"  I was pretty proud, like I mentioned, the games get pretty competitive and I think Manik fit right in!  I guess all that cricket has paid off!

Sorry I don't have any pics, I left my camera in Salina!!

Love you all,

Happy 4th!


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