Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 194 - Reality Check

This afternoon when I went to pick the kids up from MDO I realized that they will only be going once more before we move.  I came about this close to breaking down right there.  It makes me so sad to be leaving all the wonderful people we have met in OKC.  I think these are going to be some tearful weeks for me.  I don't mind small chnages but big changes always turn me into a mess...I feel an emotional roller-coaster coming my way. 

I know that many wonderful things are waiting for us in Denver but we are leaving so many wonderful things here too. 

Not to mention family, I have lived either with my older brother or a few miles away since I graduated college and I didn't realize how much I take his presence for granted.  I will miss him so much and I know my kids will too.

Feeling sorry for myself,

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Anonymous said...

good morning Heidi. No move is ever small and it only gets harder the older you become. Some say you are closing one door and opening another. true however it does not make it any easier. friends and family are the most difficult to move away form. I know what you are going to be going though. If I can help just call.
love Dad