Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 190 - Open House and getting better

This morning Manik and I woke up and just mosied around the house.  This was such a delight, usually the kids have us busy and running around trying to get out the door but oh it was sooo wonderful just drinking coffee and reading my book while they just busied themselves. 

Of course we knew we had to get the house ready for an Open House and finally got into gear and got moving.  We were down to the wire but the house was perfect for the showing.  The realtor said about twenty people showed up and a few seemed very interested!  Please say a prayer for a quick sale!

Lastly,  Jai is feeling much better.  He woke free of fever and was more himself but still a little needy.  Hopefully tomorow will be a good day for him.

Here are a few pics from our time at the pool today. 


Sorry for the sporadic posting lately, I have been waiting till too late at night to post and then I am just wiped out.  I will do better this week!


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