Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 180 - Chillin in Salina!

This morning we drove to Salina to visit my cousin Lori and her family.  Lori and her husband Bob have five children who now range from 10 to 16.  I used to babysit them when they Laila and Jai's age.  It is wild to see them so grown up.  Lori and Bob have a beautiful home and lots of land on which they are building a baseball diamond and have already installed a pool and outdoor fireplace.  We spent the afternoon in the pool where the kids totally fell in love with all the kids.  Carrie, Lori's sister,has four children and also lives in Salina and her children were hanging out at Lori's.  It was awesome to see Jai and Laila with their cousins.  They warmed to everyone instantly, I was so proud they weren't clingy.

Growing up we lived right next door to our cousins and now looking back I realize how rate that is.  It was awesome always having friends to play with right next door. 

Happy go lucky Jai Jai

Natalie and Laila

Caitlyn and Laila

All the girls

Cheers from Salina!


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Anonymous said...

heidi it looks like you are going to have a wonderful 4th of july. I am off to berta's for the rest of the weekend. have fun love dad. the kids will have a lot of fun will there family.