Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 179 - Our first showing

Again my house looks AMAZING!  I really like it looking so nice but it is impossible with two tornados going in opposite directions.  The showing was at 8 - 8:30 pm, so we loaded up the kids and dogs and decided to get some sushi to-go and head to the park.  The game plan was to just let the kids play and run around, eat our sushi and share a beer.  Somewhere in there we forgot that we had two dogs with us, who were dying to explore and our kids are one and two, which means total and full supervision and interaction.  I am not sure what dreamworld we were in while we made our initial plan but reality set in real quickly.  And by quickly I mean the minute we pulled up to the park.  The dogs went nuts and Laila and Jai were at the same caliber as the dogs. 

Forty five minutes later we loaded everyone back up and Manik and I looked at eachother and just started laughing.  What kind of dreaming idiots are we!

All in all it was a success (expect of the dump Saahib and the pop-a-squat Laila pulled).  Good times were had by all!

No word on how the showing went, but I will keep you all posted!


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