Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160 - Fun at the Pool

This morning we were getting ready to head off to the pool when I saw Tre'C and Akaya in their front yard playing with Sola.  We invited them to go with us and five minutes later we were all headed to the pool!  It was so much fun to all the kids playing together and enjoying the water!  Laila had her second swim lesson today and she did much better.  Tre'C and Akaya helped distract her and we all stayed in the water around her and I think that helped make her feel a little more comfortable. 

Jai Jai spent most of his time at the pool out of the pool.  This really surprises me because at home he LOVES anything water related!

 The kiddos practicing floating in the water.

Jai Jai investigating the statue.

Some fondling might have been going on...

 And Tre'C goes for the belly flop!


 Akaya testing out the deeper water!
Tre'C you are one crazy boy!

Three cheers for summer!!


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Anonymous said...

Heidi there is something about water and warm days that bring out the best in kids. they seem to know how to make the most of these days and get to most amount of fun out of them.
love Dad