Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 161 - Our day takes a turn

Sorry this is late, I completely forgot to post last night! 

This afternoon we took Akaya and Tre'C to the pool with us again, we had a good time and the kids were totally worn out when we got home.  A two hour nap was had by all! 

After naps Wilder and Grandma came over to hang out for awhile when we heard a fire truck and ambulance arrived next door at Akaya and Tre'C's house.  I went next door to see what was going on and Akaya's grandmother, Maria, was having problems with her blood pressure and couldn't feel her legs and had a lot of pain at the base of her head.  They took Maria to the hospital to make sure wasn't having a stroke and to get her blood pressure under control. 

After a few hours at the hospital Tre'C and Akaya were brought home and got to spend the rest of the evening at our house!  We had so much fun ordering pizza and watching a movie.  They are such great kids and I was so happy we were able to help our neighbors how after all the times they have saved Saahib and Bo for us!  The house was full of kids and babies and I was in heaven!  We also got have Sola with us and she was entertainment for all!
Laila and Sola

Wilder enjoying all the kids around him! He also LOVED Sola!!  He was completely fascinated by her! 

 In awe of Tre'C!

Your never to old to play with baby toys!
Jai was a little out of gas by this point, I put him to bed right after I took the picture!

The good news is that Maria was released from the hospital late last night and it turns out that her low blood pressure triggered a really bad migraine.  She is doing much better and  there was no stroke!!!

On a lighter note we had some feathered friends join us at the pool this afternoon.

Duck Bob...
 and his friend Joe.
 Nicholas and Laila

 I double dogged dared Kerri to dive off the diving board...
 and she dove perfectly...its a 10!!!


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