Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158 - Run, Swim Lessons and Fun in the Sun

This morning the kids and I went on a run, I am up to running 28 minutes.  They babies love when we go running, they just sit back and take in all the sights and sounds.  Then when I finish they cheer for me!  That is all I need to keep going!

Bo went with us too, he just didn't make the photo shoot!

After our quick jog, we headed to the pool for Jai and Laila's first swim lessons of the summer.  Laila did not enjoy her lesson one bit.  She cried and whined the ENTIRE time.  I am hoping it gets better for her, since I have enrolled her in swim lessons twice a week!   Jai did really well, he held on to his blanky for dear life and pretty much sucked his thumb the whole time, but didn't cry hardly at all.  I think by next week he will be loving it!

I think he was hoping we were going to drive this home!

 Jai Jai watching Laila do her lesson!

This afternoon I filled the kiddy pool up with water and stripped the kids down birthday suits and let them loose!  They had a blast!  The best part is when I look over and see that Jai has peed on the deck, he was SO surprised and thrilled to see what his little guy was capable of!  He kept squatting down trying to make more pee come out!  It was the funniest thing ever! 


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Anonymous said...

Heidi you make my day love the pictures and swimming will get better love Dad