Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 170 - Going to the Zoo!

This morning we headed to the zoo.  Once we got there we headed towards the kids area for a snack, juice box and story time.  The book was about a red hen who does all the work and the other farm animals all laze around.  It was really cute and after the story was done the zoo person brought out a real red hen for all the kids to pet.  That was followed by a craft and then we were off to see all the other animals! 

A few of our favirotes were the elephants, there is a new baby!  She was adorable!  We also really like the lion, who was roaring for us.  He was soooo loud!  It was amazing and then our last favorite was the giraffes.  They are so beautiful and elegant! 

We met the Keller's at the zoo so we had company when looking at all the wonderful animals!  It is so much more fun when you have friends to share the experience with!

Rocco and his peeps Molly and Max!

The Suri Crew

The Keller Crew

Miss Melaa, the new baby elephant!! She was so much fun to watch!

Happy to be at the zoo!

Miss Longneck Giraffe, in all her elegance!

Jai Jai, slowly but surely bringing up the rear!


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Anonymous said...

Heidi i remember taking you to the SF zoo when you were small (you and your boys that is) we all really enjoyed it. They had a really large lion house that we spent a lot of time in.
love Dad