Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 219 - Denver, we have arrived!

Well the day we thought would never come has arrived!  We arrived at our new house this afternoon after making awesome time driving from Salina, KS to Denver!  We only stopped once for lunch!  I can't believe how well the kiddos did!

The new house is great, lots of room and an AMAZING neighborhood (I have seen lots of kids!), not to mention being within a one mile square radius of every store imaginable!  Laila was missing our old house as we were driving into Denver but once she got a chance to run around the new one she hasn't said a word about the old one. 

It was really hard leaving OKC.  I was an emotional wreck for the entire day but woke up the next feeling better and ready for what lay ahead. 

I think Manik is going a little stir crazy without having a clear purpose and in between jobs, so come tomorrow I think he will be more at peace.  He leaves for a one day training on Thursday and then it is off to the races! 

The kids and I spent a few days in Wichita hanging out with grandma.  Unfortuantely they both were not feeling so hot so we didn't get to do much.  I did get to go to dinner with my two good friends, it was wonderful chatting and catching up.  Life would be so empty without my girlfriends!  They listen to all your crap, laugh with you and share the gossip! 

Katie, myself and Krista

 This is a the last family picture in front of 2218 N. Indiana!  We will miss you sweet little house full of wonderful memories!
Lastly, our wonderful house is still on the market, if you need a great starter home check out this listing...

Lots of love and cheers from Denver!!!


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