Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 230 - Happy Birthday Manik!!!

I am so glad Daddy is back!!  This morning Manik arrived back from Phoenix and I/we were sooooo happy!  He was only gone for three days but he was sorely missed.  Not to mention it is his birthday so we wanted to spend the day with him! 

We made Manik is a super fuggy chocolatey cake for his birthday along with a taco dinner.  It was all delicious!!

This morning before Manik got into town I had to take Jai to the doctor, he has been fussy and feverish.  Sure enough he had an ear infection.  The good news is that the doctor prescribed asthma inhaler for babies.  So instead of taking twenty minutes to give him a breathing treatment it now takes 20 seconds!!!  This is good news for everyone involved.  Jai hated the long breathing treatments and would fight me for at least half of the time.  Now giving him his treatment is a cinch and something I actually look forward to.

Turbo was obviously feeling better by dinnertime!!



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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Manik I hope you have many more happy birthdays