Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 235 - Milk, boobies and Jai and I

I have discovered one amazingly fantastic thing about Denver!!  They deliver milk just like the old days!  The milk is as fresh as fresh can be.  It has no preservatives or drugs to make the cows produce more milk.  It tastes wonderful and everyone is drinking twice the milk they used too, even Manik and Arjun!

Once we have finished the bottle we just wash it out and put in the milk bin to be replaced with new fresh milk!  I am in heaven!!!  

Last week when we celebrated Manik's birthday we blew up some balloons and this is the result........

Lastly this is a picture Laila took of Jai and I this afternoon after naps, she is getting pretty good!!!

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Anonymous said...

Laila is doing a great job with the pictures. how was the coffee made with the new pot???? glad to hear about the fresh milk sounds great.
love Dad