Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 236 - Farmers Market

This morning the kids and I met my good friend Betsy at the farmers market by Cherry Creek Mall.  The market was huge and bountiful!  They had so many goodies I had to practice some serious self control!  After we finished the market we walked to the mall and let the kids play on the mall playground.  It is so nice, everything is soft and climbable, Jai and Laila were in heaven! 

Betsy was a huge hit with the kids, she was getting all sorts of smiles and sly looks from one Mr. Jai Jai and Laila has deemed Betsy "very nice" and that, "she likes Besty alot!"  To drive the point home she even let Betsy buckle her in, a honor dad is not even granted often! 

Enjoying the free samples at the Farmers Market!

Fun at the Mall!


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Anonymous said...

oh what joys west of the Continental divide
love dad