Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 229 - While Sissy is asleep

It doesn't happen very often but since we moved the kids napping schedules are a little off.  This means that Jai has ALL the toys and ALL of his Mama ALL to himself while Laila is napping.  As a result he is sooooo happy!  This afternoon I was sitting down reading some news and he struts in sporting Laila's purse and saying to me (so proudly) "ook, ook!!"  This of course means "look, look" at me!!  He was just tickled pink!

It just goes to show how important one on one time is, they just love that undivided attention!

In other news Manik has been in Pheonix the past few days and I am so excited for him to get home tomorrow morning!!  As a double treat it is his 37th birthday too!! 
Happy early birthday Love!  I can't wait to see what 37 has in store for you!!


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