Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 233 - Gifts from Dubai

This afternoon Manik picked up some gifts Dadima had sent to us from Dubai!  We always look forward to these little gifts because we never know what to expect.  Laila got some cute pretties and a new big girl blanket for her bed!  She was soooo excited and we had to go upstairs right away and put it on her bed.  She proceeded to act like she was going to bed and then waking up for the next twenty minutes!  So thank you Dadima for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts!  They were all loved, most of all my gorgeous earrings!!

In parenting news Arjun has officially arrived at the gates of teenage-hood.  Awww aren't we so lucky!  The first few weeks have been an adjustment to this new "being" and have sent Manik and I back to reading parenting books!  It seems like over the summer he changed from an adolescent to a teenager.  It is amazing how quickly things change!  I am sure Manik and my parents are thinking "sweet revenge"! 

Wish us luck and send up a prayer!!


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