Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63 - Ready to Run

With Spring fast approaching I am making the commitment to do two things:
1.) Start the couch to 5k program again.  I loved doing it last year after I had Jai.  It got me out of bed and held me accountable for exercising regularly.  My only concern with running this year is pushing the jogging stroller.  Last year Jai was a little baby, tiny and didn't weigh much.  This year he is huge and weighing in at 24lbs.  Laila weighs just a few more lbs than Jai, so together they are no light weights.  A few days ago I was pushing them along on a walk and I found that to be a challenge, I suppose I will be in amazing shape after I my running program is complete!

2.) I want to grow my hair past my shoulders.  I know, a silly commitment,  but none the less I want to try.  Usually I can't make more than 6 weeks, so this time I am going to go all in and give it the old college try.

Well Happy Friday!

XOXO Heidi

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