Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 86 - Back to work people

Monday, Monday here we go again.  Actually this is going to be a very quiet and calm week....except for the small cough that started yesterday for the babies and has turned into bad cough and breathing treatments that I started today for Jai. 

Despite not feeling 100% the kids including Arjun were feeling very silly and making Manik and I roll our eyes repeatedly as well as laugh uncontrollably. 

- Laila has made the decision to become a nudist and walk around the house with at least one item of clothing missing.  This afternoon it was her pants and this evening it was her shirt. 

- Laila has also taken to telling Arjun off.  He has been totally cut off from kisses, hugs, or any kind words.  Mostly she just tells Arjun "no", to anything.  Poor AJ, the boy just wants a kiss!

- Arjun has rigged up a toddler size basketball hoop on the front door and spent about an hour and half throwing a tennis ball into it.  I suppose whatever keeps the boy busy and totally entertained!

-Jai spent about 25 minutes on the kitchen floor stirring a cup of dog food with a spoon.  The boy is a baker at heart...or he just likes to eat dog food with the pretense of stirring it in a cup!  Poor Bo Bo, he never gets to eat dinner in peace.

It was a wild and crazy night just like every other night in the Suri household.

XOXO Heidi

P.S. Happy Birthday Little Brother!  We miss you and hope you have a wonderful and happy 33rd year!

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