Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 72 - Bathtime

I love bath time, but Jai loves it even more.  He gets so excited and practically jumps in!  I have a feeling I am going to have a hard time getting out of the pool this summer.

Laila helping make those pearly whites gleam!

Focusing on eating lotion, yes she LOVES lotion.  The girls got problems!

Laila practicing her winking! 

I love when they are all clean and smell wonderfully delicious!  I can't stop giving them kisses on the tops of their heads and smelling their sweet smell.  So basically after bath time there is a lot of sniffing and kissing going on! 

Bath time also means bedtime is right around the corner, which is also one of my favorite times of the day.  I love once they are both asleep and I can sneak in and listen to their sweet little breaths and snores.  I just want to crawl in bed with them and cuddle.  Of course I don't dare, but one of these days I just might!

XOXO Heidi


Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Precious! Clean babies straight out of the bathtub are my favorite!!! And, I feel the exact same way about snuggling up to them in bed...just wish I could make sure they wouldn't wake up :o)

Anonymous said...

shame her arm is covering her bald p---y I could make her squeal and squirm with my tongue

Anonymous said...

I miss having daughters bath time was amazing and potty training