Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 84 - Happy Birthday Party Jai

We had Jai's 1st birthday party this morning.  We did a brunch party and it was perfect!  Of course the birthday boy was asleep for most of it, but everyone else really enjoyed themselves.  I have found the key to any successful party....balloons.  They make all the kids extremely happy...hats also do the trick.  As long as you have those two items you are set.

Jai loved opening his gifts, his two favorite gifts were a big bouncy ball and a little toy you push and of course it makes a lot of noise.  He is a boy through and through.  It was a bit hard for Laila to resist opening his gifts.

Overall it was a very successful birthday party and I had so much fun watching Jai enjoying the attention.  He is the sweetest thing ever!

Thanks Keller kids for making Jai's birthday so special!

The Birthday Boy waking up from hisnap for his birthday party!

Jai loved his froggy hat, can't you tell!

Lucy rockin her hip hairdo!

Miss Molly

Jai and his first birthday present

He loved this present, thanks Uncle Tim!


Finger lickin good!

XOXO Heidi

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