Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 88 - Go Bluuuuueeee!

Well today was a good day!  The babies are doing 100% better AND India beat Pakistan in the 2011 Cricket World Cup Semi-finals!  To say the least Manik was just a tad bit happy and super pumped up!  I was thrilled for him, as I knew this meant a great deal to him.  Because the game is taking place halfway across the wold Manik got up at 3:30am and went over to watch the match with a few buddies of his.  I know he had a wonderful time and I'm so glad he had some friends to cheer, cry and celebrate with.  India plays Sri Lanka for the championship early Saturday morning.  I think Arjun is going to join Manik this time, what a great thing to share with your son.

In other news we had another scare with Saahib.  We thought for sure he swallowed another rock but thankfully he either passed it or just had an upset tummy.  Much to our delight Sabibo (as Arjun lovingly calls him) is feeling 100% as well, and back to his old games.  Oh the life of a dog!

Lastly, our handyman Jerry is adding some much needing shelving and storage to the closet in the babies room.  I am so excited, it has double the amount of clothes I can store in there.  Our intention was to add the shelving and hopefully get rid of the dresser in our room.  I can't wait to have a reading chair and a small side table!  It will be my favorite place in the house!  I take pics of the final product and share with you guys!

Cheers and Go BLUE!!

XOXO Heidi

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