Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 69 - Rock Chalk

My zucchini and squash seeds have popped up in a VERY short amount of time!  I can't believe how quickly they have grown!  I hope that they don't get to be big before it is time plant.  I can't wait to taste my home grown zucchini and squash!!


This evening we went over to Jason's house to watch KU play CO in the Big XII Tournament. KU was a little stiff in the beginning but was able to pull out a win. Laila, Jai and Wilder had a ball playing together. I was so proud of Jai for lasting as long as he did, what a trooper!

Jai Jai ready for bed before the party has even begun!

Wilder working on his "ups"!

Mama and her baby

Laila playing the drums Patrick brought back from Africa!

Happy Friday everyone!

XOXO Heidi


Anonymous said...

I know I should be commenting on how cute our babies are but what I'm really interested in is those sprouts you got growing! I am so jealous--I REALLY want a garden but there's nowhere my dumb dogs won't go. I'll just have to taste yours.--Elizabeth

The Suri Story said...

I promise to give you tons of veggies! You could grow some stuff in pots if you want to. Seriously I have tons of spouts and definitely not enough space to plant them. Let me know if you want to try.