Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 82 - Just Jai and I

This morning Laila went to school leaving Jai and I home alone.  I love Missy so much, but it is wonderful having Jai all to myself.  The house is also soooo very quiet, I love it!  Jai and I were pleasantly surprised when Daddy came home for lunch, always a treat.  Once we picked Laila up from school it is "go time" again.  By time we had run a few errands and made it back home I was wishing I was back in Mexico sipping on a margarita on the rocks! 

My garden is coming along nicely, the broccoli has a little broccoli heads growing on it, and my peas are starting to climb on some bamboo poles we stuck in there today.  My lettuce is coming along nicely and the radishes should be showing their heads in a few weeks.  I really can't wait for the time to plant tomatoes.  I just know they are going to taste amazing!  I will post some pictures tomorrow of our little garden...and the kiddos!

XOXO Heidi

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