Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64 - Big Brother and Ice cream

When we found out that Arjun was coming to live with us I was thrilled and terrified at the same time.  On one hand I was so happy for Manik, he was getting the opportunity to be with his son and play a role in his maturing into adulthood.  But on the other hand I was scared to have a teenager and I never wanted to make Arjun feel like I loved him any less than Laila and Jai. 

I never could have imagined a smoother transition or a more helpful, thoughtful and loving boy than Arjun.  He is always cuddling or playing with the little ones.  Laila rarely gives him the pleasure of her kisses or hugs but Jai is a whole other matter.  Jai and Arjun have a true brotherly bond.  Jai loves being held by Arjun, he will just sit on his lap and watch AJ play video games or maybe they will just cuddle on the couch and watch sports.  It is sweetest thing ever!

Arjun is also very witty.  He comes back with such quick responses and they are just spot on.  I find myself retorting back with some kind of childish response like "whatever" or "just go do your homework".  It is safe to say he is very quick and pretty smart to top it off. 

This afternoon Laila was playing on the front porch with her baby and a stroller, somehow, someway Arjun got her to stand at the stairs to the front porch while he jumped over her.  I am still shocked that they both walked away unscathed.

This evening after dinner Manik took Arjun to another basketball game (it's tournament time) and Laila and I decided it was time for some ice cream.  I gaver her a spoon but she found her fingers to be far more efficient. 

XOXO Heidi

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