Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 83 - Rock Chalk and fun with Lucy

Lucy came over today for our Friday play date, she and Laila had so much fun!  They played "going to the grocery store for mama" for about an hour.  If we lived in their imaginary world I would now have about a million bananas, cookies and lots of milk.  It was so fun to see them running around the house and backyard just playing their little games.  Today was the first time they really interacted and played together, usually they are playing around each other but not with each other.  

This evening Wilder, Jason and Tim came over to watch the KU game. KU played great and we are on to the next round.  Final Four here we come!!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

Just catching butterflies

Lucy, catching up on some reading

Just returning from a quick trip to the grocery store

Going on an expedition...

for gold!!

So beautiful!!
Jason and the boys

Laila telling Wilder how cute he is.  She is no fool!

I just want to hold your hand!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Jai's birthday, it should be a good time!

XOXO Heidi

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