Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33 - Going a Little Nuts

Okay, I have had enough of this homebound stuff, I am going stir crazy. I don't care if it is zero degrees tomorrow we are doing something outside the walls of this house. Oh and to top it off some kind of animal (we think a neighborhood stray cat) chose our crawlspace to make his final resting spot!  So needless to say there is a wonderful smell making its way into the house! I suppose it is a very good thing it is as cold as it is or the smell would be so much worse. As you can clearly see I am in quite a mood.

On a brighter note I took Laila outside this afternoon to touch and see the snow and she was definitely not interested! She touched it with the very tip of one finger and that was enough! Her reaction was too cute!  I loved her pink outfit!  Pink from head to toe!

Here is to a better tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

She is adorable!! Love the pink!

The Suri Story said...

I know me too! I just can't resist it when I see something in a store. Girls clothes are just way too much fun to buy!