Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45 - Happy Valentines Day

Laila and Jai gave us their Valentines gift first, the gift of sleep!  Jai decided to be super generous this morning ans sleep in until 7am!  Once diapers were changed, a bottle issued and a sippy cup filled with milk, we gave the babies their Valentine's goodies.  Laila got "big girl" underpants, bubbles, crayons and an apron for arts and crafts.  Jai got his all time favorite gift ever...a ball!  He also got some bubbles and an apron for arts and crafts as well.
  Not really sure why her pajamas are halfway unzipped.  Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason.

Very excited about the "big girl" underpants, had to arrange them "just so"!

Ba Ba


Modeling her new apron...

and big girl underpants!

Happy Valentines Day!  Love to you all!!

XOXO Heidi

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Anonymous said...

let me take your sweet little panties off and make that little p---y feel reallllllllly good