Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 - Snow Day

Well the storm brought lots of snow and cold wind!  It was fun to to look out and see the beautiful white landscape!  The dogs loved frolicking throught the snow, they definately enjoyed it the most.

Yesterday morning Laila surprised Manik by climbing into Jai's bed (without ANY help!).  This morning I had my camera ready and got to capture it on film!

While Laila was busy playing in Jai's bed he was playing in hers. 

Laila and Jai were waving to our neighbor boy next door! 

Hi Trae'c!

This afternoon Arjun was asking Laila to tell us her full name, she of course responds "Laila Rose Suri", so then he asked her Jai's full name, she response "Jai Jai Mahant Suri", he then asked her what Mama's name was and she thought for a moment and responded "Mama Rose Suri", we burst out laughing!  Arjun then asked her what his full name was and she again thought for awhile and finally came up with "Arjun Mahant Suri"!!  So funny how their minds work! 

XOXO Heidi

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