Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42 - What a Man!

Speechless, I am speechless!  My husband came home this evening while I was giving the babies their evening bath.  We chatted for a few minutes and wished each other Happy Eleven.  Manik and I started dating on May 11th, 2005.  Ever since then the 11th day of each month is always a good day.  We don't do anything huge or crazy but we are a little bit nicer to one another, a little bit more thoughtful and just make the day a good one.  I am not saying that every day isn't a good day but sometimes it is nice to have one day a month that you go a little out of your way to do something thoughtful for your loved one. 

So this evening Manik came home and was just "happy", happy in the way where I could tell he had something up his sleeve.  I was blown away by him, when he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger! 

Let me back up a little bit...there is a jewelry store in Wichita, KS named Carolyn Sayre Jewelry.  Every time I go to Wichita I stop by and have my rings and earings polished while I check out her bling!  For the past three years there is one ring I try on every time!  It is a very simple band made up of alternating white and canary diamonds.  It is beautiful and I LOVE IT!  I would tell Manik every time I saw it how pretty it was and how much I liked it, but I could never rationalize spending that much money on myself. 

So my wonderful and extremely thoughtful husband decided it was time to get it for me, just cause he loves me.  I am a very lucky girl and am blessed to have such a giving husband.

Thank you Manik, I love you...Happy Eleven!!

XOXO Heidi

p.s. sorry no picture, i couldn't get a picture that did the ring justice.  I will try again tomorrow when the sun is out!

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All We Need Is Love...And Naptime said...

Good job Manik! You get the husband of the month award! I'm sending Erik over for "gift giving" lessons when he gets home. ;)