Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 58 - Last night and last day in Paradise

Last night we went to dinner at Callypso, and then hit the town.  It was so fun to get down and boogy it up.  Tim was definately on a roll but we were not far behind.

The Boys

Restaurant we ate at last night

So sweet!

The Girls


Brotherly Love

And the dancing starts!

The Lovely Couple

The Group


This morning Manik and I went into town and did some shopping. The stores here are amazing, lots of homemade crafts, art and clothing. I could have spent alot more money but Manik finally dragged me out of the last store and cut me off.

Great little bakery we found today


Our house is next to an iguana refuge, if you look closely you can see him in the tree

I have throroughly enjoyed this trip and would HIGHLY suggest this little town to anyone I know.  The beaches are beautiful, the food amazing and the charm of the little town is priceless. 

XOXO Heidi

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The Suri Story said...

Sorry that your vacation has come to an end. That was a very amazing trip from what I heard and saw. Very nice blogging Heidi, and great picture selection.

Jai and Laila were crying it out together win Sue walked by and smelt something. Laila was saying something, so Sue walked in and saw that Laila had thrown-up. So Sue started a bath and Jai was just standing up and enjoying the attention. Laila was looking fine in the tub. Welcome Home!!

They are both down now and hopefully feeling better. I think they should sleep the whole night.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow! I think that you should sign me out of school when you get here.

p.s. Sue still does not have the door down to a science.