Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51 - The best day ever!

I never thought when I got the idea for a garden that it would be something my whole family would take part in.  If I don't have even one little vegetable come up I will still be so happy we did it!  This morning while Laila and I were at Church, Manik (my super sweet and thoughtful husband!) put the last few screws in the garden frame.  I was so happy to see it ready to go and complete when I got home, I tell ya the little things always get me! 

It has become our Sunday tradition to go to our favorite family mexican restaurant, Los Amigos.  Los Amigos is fantastic, if you have never been there it is located at 36th and MacArthur.  The food is authentic and delicious every time!  It is family owned and on Sunday the whole family comes in and works, even the kids.  They are so friendly and we always enjoy ourselves.

I was itching to get some dirt in my garden so while Laila napped and Manik took Arjun to a bb game Jai and I dug up the soil plot for our garden.  Mostly I dug, and Jai just practiced his walking skills, which I might add are coming along nicely. 

After Manik returned he and Arjun inspected my work and we finished the digging and put the garden frame in place!  I was getting super pumped and decided to make the most of the day and go buy the rest of the soil needed.  Thank goodness I took Arjun with me, we loaded up our cart with 30 cubic feet of compost, potting soil, cow manure compost (we have both Texas and Florida cow shit in our garden, just in case you were curious, it made AJ and I laugh at least) and top soil.  My car was so low to the ground I drove home with my hazard lights on, afraid I was going to ruin the suspension in my car!

Once home we dumped all of our beautiful soil in the garden bed (with Jai's "help") and VOILA PRESTO...the garden was ready!  Arjun and planted the peas and we were done!! 

Throughout the the whole process my whole family was involved one way or another.  Arjun was a huge helpwithout having to be asked, my husband used powertools (a true sign that he loves me), Jai fell in love with dirt and throwing it up in the air and Laila watched from a safe distance so as to not get dirty, but completely intruiged with everything going on around her.  I could not be more happy to have my whole family helping a wish of mine come true.  I am so truly blessed and thankful.

The garden's future home

Digging up the soil

Laila "helping"

Ta da!  The garden frame in place!

Leveling the soil

Jai enjoying the dirt! 

Very busy concentrating!

The finished product!

Sorry for the long post!

XOXO Heidi

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