Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49 - Sweet moments of the day

This morning while Manik and I were getting ready Laila and Jai found an old radio I had in our room.  They got to playing with it and for some reason Jai got upset.  This picture is of Laila telling Jai "don't worry Jai Jai, your ok".  I just love those tender sweet moments that happen between the two of them, sweet babies!

Wanted to get a pic of the Jai in his new car seat and of course, it never hurts to see our babies and one teenager in one place together!  I just love all those little sweet faces!

Arjun and I finally figured out how to get Laila to smile for the camera!  The magic word is "ME".  Amazingly I caught this pic of her smiling and looking at the camera!  A first for both!

Our friend Liz and her baby, Cain and Jai Jai and Manik.  Cain is five months old and weighs 20lbs, we thought it was funny to put the two together because they weigh about the same and are equally cute!

To top off the night at Jason's, Jai decided to have a shot of vodka to top the night off! 

Plans for tomorrow...Manik and I are planning on building our garden frame. Wish us luck!  I will post pictures tomorrow of our progress!!

XOXO Heidi

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