Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56 - Happy Birthday Laila and more pics

Happy birthday Miss Laila!!  Two years ago today Missy arrived in all of her glory!  She changed our lives everyway possible and we couldn't be more blessed!  She is my daily companion and the best big/little sister!

Here a few words to describe our beautiful little girl.  Laila is clever, smart, persistent, loving, thoughtful and cautious. 

We can hear the ocean from our house!

Manik making himself right at home
The ocean

Love you Brother!

Happy Birthday!

Brady bringing out the cake

Hope my wish comes true!

Happy Birthday Decor

Today we have spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sun.  The boys took a walk into town while us girls just lollygagged and gossiped.  Oh how I love vacation!

Arjun thank you for the sweet comment, we miss you and thank you for being such an awesome help at home.

XOXO Heidi

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The Suri Story said...

That is amazing, seeing and hearing the ocen all day and night. Haha, now there is no need for the Sleepsheep when you have the real thing. Goodnight!