Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46 - Spring Fever

The weather was AMAZING today.  It felt like Spring so I decided to prune all my bushes in the front yard.  Most of which consist of crepe myrtles and some other bushes of which I have no name for.  I also have been itching to get started on my backyard garden.  I did some research online today and have come up with the wood frame structure I want to build, I am still unsure where to place it in the yard.  Lastly, I am stumped as how to keep the dogs out of my garden.  They usually find it their sole purpose in life to destroy anything pretty or green that I plant.   If anyone has any brilliant ideas I am all ears.

This is a picture of the raised bed I want to build. They have some suggestions on how to protect the structure from birds and flying insects but not hundred pound dogs.

Just imagine, ripe red tomatoes, yellow squash, and snow peas!  I can't wait!  Also, it will give me something to do in the backyard when the kids are playing.  Considering how much Jai and Laila like to play in the dirt, water and mud, they will think this is the next best thing!

Oh happy day!

XOXO Heidi


Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Thank you so much for the super sweet comment you left on our blog! It made my heart so happy :o) I LOVE your blog and your family is BEAUTIFUL!

No gardening tips, but just wanted to add that we did a very small garden last year and the girls LOVED it! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

All We Need Is Love...And Naptime said...

Look at you Martha!!! I need to get going in my yard. Its so pathetic. Love the garden idea! Home grown tomatoes sound amazing. Enjoy another beautiful day today girl!