Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50 - Building the garden bed

How many drills does it take to build a garden frame??? Anyone? Anyone?  The answer is three! 

This morning Manik, Laila and I went to Lowes to get our building supplies.  I have a whole new respect for handymen and home builders!  I thought the whole trip would take us about forty five minutes, um yeah, two hours later we finally mosied on out of there with our goods!

After a bite to eat and putting one baby down, and another waking up we headed outside to start our project.  We started strong but soon our drill gave out.  Manik headed next door to our neighbor Ed to to borrow another drill.  Well that didn't turn out well either, the drill was about as old as our neighbor Ed.  After about three minutes it was smoking!  Again Manik ventured out for another drill, again this time to Ace Hardware!

He came home with a new drill and we went at again, but weren't able to get much done with the kiddos running around and dinner needing to be made.

All of our bootie from Lowes

Daddy and his big helper!  Doesn't my husband look sexy in his work gloves!

Measure twice, cut once!  That's Jai's motto!

And the building begins!

Anybody need a nail?

Laila examining our work!

Hopefully we will get further tomorrow!  I'll keep you posted!

Sweet dreams!

XOXO Heidi

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